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You ask any Indian and he'll tell you he wishes that india was still under british rule, they had education secure jobs food and water, and no war.

Actually no...

Because under the British rule there were a few things lacking. Mainly the right to vote, the freedom to speak freely and critically of the government, and individual liberty...

And regarding education, when the British left India there was 50% literacy. Now it is much, much higher, with some states at 75-80%.

So I think any real Indian would tell you that independence has been worth it..

well thats were your wrong it took india years to land on it's feet, years of war with pakistan, years where food was little and schools were shit. at least with us the had education they had jobs there was no india, pakistan it was just british india.

lewis, you're right that India was a work in progress, but whatever success it now has is because that progress was made by Indians and not Brits.

By the way, how come India was never made a Dominion when Australia, South Africa and Canada became Dominions?? ehh?? So they can handle self rule and India couldnot....Can anyone say, hypocrisy??

You're right that there was little food, or atleast it was rationed, but education was always top notch. Believe you, me.

well really look at south africa, they should be the richest country in the world really, but they couldn't agree on things. while australia and newzealand will oneday be the superpowers

and india was one of britians best colonies, because we knew what to do, we knew how to trade, how to but the land to good use. it took the indians years to figuire this out

lets all join 2gether as one to hate the American country, their people, their history and their way off life.

Their way of life meant that they sacrificed a lot to keep our nation free 60 years ago! You should never hate that country regardless of the muppets on this video.

I think you got your wires crossed, lewis...

And by the way, if it weren't for the British Indian Army, you Brits would of been completely lost the Indian sub-continent...

So try to show a little respect?? LOL!

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