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Newsweek Reads The Evil Empire, Asks: Did Britain Wreck The World?

Did Britain Wreck the World?


Leafing through the latest edition of Newsweek, we were thoroughly delighted to come across a tremendous article titled "Did Britain Wreck the World?" In it, researcher Jesse Ellison discusses how the Evil Empire's imprudent colonial-era meddling is to blame for most of today's hea… Read More

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- BBC Radio Debate Part II



Hamdaman101 If New Zealand has no native then why is the Haka still performed by the Maori's? In Canada why are there still more Native "Americans" than the US? How come the original black tribes and culture are still exisitng in Australia? I doubt you've even been to any of thos… Read More

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- More Letters from Angry Brits



apincle Uh huh. I really wouldn't be too quick to spend reparations you think you're getting from Great Britain, at least not until you've actually got the reparations. And being as though we're not actually sorry, that could be some time. My money's on NEVER PeterRAikman1488 We Ameri… Read More

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Oppressed Nation



Taramriel You sound and from what I see from your channel, are an angry little man who spends his time ignoring the fact that he never made anything of his youth by talking shit on Youtube. You're not alone, you will no doubt be signing on several times in your lives. Stupid little lad lol… Read More

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- The Hard Truths



lewisUK9393 You ask any Indian and he'll tell you he wishes that india was still under british rule, they had education secure jobs food and water, and no war. suryavajra Actually no... Because under the British rule there were a few things lacking. Mainly the right to vote, the free… Read More

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Typical Englishman



apincle Don't it just boil your piss the the world speaks OUR language?? , that the British Empire was the largest ever to rule the world, Don't it just boil your piss, that even after the demise of the British Empire (sob!) the world still moves to the beat of the British drum. I can see … Read More

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Upper Class Toffs



sherrinasherrina Totally agree but i do think the British ought to be claiming something from the Romans. After all what did they ever give us lol. Come on up lol apincle ha ha ! lat every country ask every other country for reparations!! sherrinasherrina yeah. i hea… Read More

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire



2k8FARNHILL2k8 ( Because in ww2 when we were telling you good ideas you didnt do what we told you to do and you took your own ideas and did what you wanted and you got yourself more casualties. suryavajra so what were these supposedly good ideas?? 2k8FARNHILL2k8 Well, watch war docu… Read More

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Fight Breaks Out Over England



mike360i WAIT... how is this a Fight over England when the only british there are scots ? 762SLR762 Hang on - the guy with the Union Flag on his face has got an American accent, he says "I was brought up to be Jersey Irish", it was clearly filmed in the US. What the fuck h… Read More

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- You Can't Escape It



mhall696969 so, you illegally flyposting across a tiny area of London has sold how many? 30 videos on You Tube has sold how many ? Accept it - no one is interested in your racist rubbish. I hope the London Councils bill you for your illegal acts and prosecute you for them. I am sure you wi… Read More

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