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so, you illegally flyposting across a tiny area of London has sold how many? 30 videos on You Tube has sold how many ? Accept it - no one is interested in your racist rubbish. I hope the London Councils bill you for your illegal acts and prosecute you for them. I am sure you will then cry like a little whipped pup about how nasty us Brits are - Calling it a Guerilla campaign is pathetic. Get a job.

How is it racist rubbish?? I thought the Brits were a nation and not a race... LOL!!!

The British Empire did commit the occasional genocide and erected the odd concentration camp here and there but, by and large,the Empire spread industry and trade over the world and was ultimately a good thing.

There's no harm in asking for reparations, but none will be given. Sure, we save money by not going to the dentist, but we're keeping it for our selves.We won't apologise for an Empire we feel nothing but pride for.

All Empires claim to be good, that's how they justify colonialism to themselves. Or by making out that the people they colonise are inferior, and don't know what's good for them.

you twat


Me too! They're easy on the eye, easy on the wallet, actually, they're just easy!

More propaganda that is full of lies and race hate towards white English people.

Yeah....Sure....We are evil aren't we?
We're Evil we didn't let Hitler Genocide all of Britain or enslave it.
We're Evil that we didn't let Nazi flags up on Buckingham Palace.
We're Evil that you aren't saying SIEG HEIL in school.

Without us, and America, you'd all be Germans idiots.

You stated this was a Joke...
How is it a Joke to insult a Nation, that has brought in much more Technology than anyone Else? We did control a Third of the world before! That's a good Empire in my eyes.

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