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To be fair. It's entertaining. Although, we're not laughing with them. We're laughing AT them.

Since its release, its amazing how much the World and even the people of Britain are becoming more anti-British.

When you look at how much British taxpayers more leaves Britain, authorised by the British government, it seems more and more real, and not something to laugh about, especially if your patriotic Brit.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. If Britain was to pay reparations to one of it's former colonies, surely we would be obliged to repay ALL the former colonies - and that amounts to about a third of the planet.

Feel free to ask, but there will never be any reparations. Apart from anything else, we're not in the slightest bit sorry for the excesses of the British Empire.

Don't it just boil your piss the the world speaks OUR language?? Don't it just boil your piss that Ulster is STILL BRITISH, that the IRA have given up their arms, that the British Empire was the largest ever to rule the world, Don't it just boil your piss, that even after the demise of the British Empire (sob!) the world still moves to the beat of the British drum. I can see why you people are so angry!

haha "in the mean time go buy the book"

sums it up really, its all for the money, he knew he was writing a load of shit.

To fucking right, it's our language, and you spell it with a s.

lol were the hell does this guy get his 58trillion $ figure from??
lol and since when was Churchill friends with Hitler

england must pay for its war crimes. For all the war compensation they must pay england will go under. England the largest terrorist nation ever has succeeded in creating death to this day. Just look at Iraq, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Israel etc etc.

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