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NOT bloody likley I aint giving to quid to those yankees this shoit will NEVER HAPPEN lmao steven is a dumb arse!

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. If Britain was to pay reparations to one of it's former colonies, surely we would be obliged to repay ALL the former colonies - and that amounts to about a third of the planet.

Feel free to ask, but there will never be any reparations. Apart from anything else, we're not in the slightest bit sorry for the excesses of the British Empire.

ENVIRONMENTAL SUFFERING more like MENTAL SUFFERING! what the the fuck are you talking about! america IS the biggets problem for environment causes! oh but wait! ahhhhhhh......
americas a big country, yeah very powerfull too so we cant possibly blame them...

whats your problem.
usa maded all the problems in the world
fast food

Does anyone force you to eat fast food from an American restaurant chain?

War was not an American invention

and Death was not an American invention

get your head out of your ass you limey

fuck off you ungratefull cocksuckers

everyone's getting paid??????? no out of our pocket they're not!

It's England's fault we have mexican illegals

It's England's fault we whine so much

It's even England's fault that it's England's fault!

We hate the English so much that we're going to dam well adopt their culture! Ha! That'll teach 'em!

It's England's fault we can't play rugby

It's England's fault we're obese

It's England's fault we have high school shootings

It's England's fault we have spray-on cheese

It's England's fault we're in recession

dear mamucium55:
ok cockhead now shut the fuck up dumbritish
do you like that satanic-moors&islamists invading again england?
yankees are sons of the british empire of hell
fucking wankers
all problems are thanks to yankees&britees
death to england&usa of bollocks

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