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Thats part of the sales strategy, you by it cos you agree with it, or you buy it cos you think it's a crock of horse shit and want to laugh at it. just ignore it, it is just a said little man trying to make money by trolling.

you know nothing, you american bitch.
you're book fails, and i'm going to go the nearest bookshop that sells this and set fire to the bookshelf its sitting on.

lets make a book about how arrogant americans are and how their president almost fucked up the world with nukes.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. If Britain was to pay reparations to one of it's former colonies, surely we would be obliged to repay ALL the former colonies - and that amounts to about a third of the planet.

Feel free to ask, but there will never be any reparations. Apart from anything else, we're not in the slightest bit sorry for the excesses of the British Empire.

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SHITTING ME! Where's the reparations for the purges against the Native Americans you fuckwits? Acting like Britain was the only one who took part in the slave trade. All the Western European countries took part in this. Also the USA was active in slavery for about 30 years longer. Also who made all the money and kept the slaves? The plantation owners, the decendants of modern Americans - they should pay for the reparations you piece of shit.

I have to say, you are a joke. How many has your book sold? 5? It's shit and you know it. I'm not sure where you got your degree from in fact I wouldn't be surprised if you don't have a degree. I'm 16 and I could write a more reliable and more accurate book than this ignorant fuck.

That must be why livingston was immediately sacked as mayor soon after. We can't have ignorant people making important decisions about our capitol.

I wonder how many Americans would support what this man has said when they find out that he's one of Britain's most prominent Socialists?

Jesse Jackson was slow to apologise for referring to New York as "hymie town".After his belated and ungracious apology did he offer any financial recompense? He could also try apologising for the Vietnam war,started by his own party, the Democrats,or at least allowing the claim made by the Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange

this is god awful
i dont see the italians apologiesing to us for the roman empire.

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