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ROFL, This guy is full of bullshit you can read him. He has had a bad childhood as he explains, that can have severe effects on his world prospective. Winston Churchill wasn't even in power in 1920.. this guy is a bloody moron with nothing better to do.

Is he still alive lol?
Wrong title True Jerk

What have you given up in your life in favour of human rights?. Brian Haw has more courage and integrity than any person you are likely to ever meet.

A patriot is not someone who sucks up to the people who run a country. A patriot is someone who stands up to them if they are not running it correctly.
You clearly have no understanding of who this man is or what he represents. If you did you would not have made your pathetic comments, because you would know that he represents you and I.

Why dont you go and join that Drunk stupid old man?

What an insightful and intelligent reply!. Clearly, thinking is not your strong point.

Do you have an educated or rational point of view at all, or are you just here to throw pointless and unintelligent insults?.

There are no human rights. Theres no such thing as a right. your rights are what you can take not what you are given
i am fed up of fucking idiots campaigning for people. if you want to help, GO HELP, stop pissing me off trying to tell me to you lazy useless fucks

You are still a young man. As you go through your life please try to remember this man. His name is Brian Haw, and he is a Patriot. You may not think much of him now, but as you mature and learn where you fit into this world you may think about him from time to time. I'd wager you may see his point of view one of those fine days. The change for most of us comes once we have children of our own. On that day you realise how beautiful and ugly this civilization can be.
All the best.

because hes doing a fucking lot of good sat there isnt he
get a fucking job and do something for your nations economy if you want to be a patriot

Fact : all you yanks are english by blood and heritage, and your ancestors murdered and pillaged as much as mine.
We won, the natives lost, get the fuck over it. Not one brit thought they were better than the people they conquered, but the natives were welcome to try and stop them
they could not
vae victus

if you want to look at everyone whos killedlook at - the mongols, the romans, basically any people or race that ever graced this earth
war is human nature you hippy fuckwits

Yer Ok iv heard enough of this lunatic he needs to be put in a padded cell. Hes not even worth depating his mind is probably so brain washed

This guy's fucked. his 'theories' and 'facts' have more holes in them than a wedge of lederdama (or whatever its called) There are far too many wankers like him lounging around British street corners spewing nonsense and generally making a mess of the place, most probably at the working population's expense.&to fgth1984 with your 'Britain is a terrorist state claims', i'd like to personally terrorize you, but it wouldnt be state sponsored; The British fight&oppose terrorism and always have

Not during the Soviet invasion of afganistan we didnt. We sent SAS and other specialist troops to help train the Mujahideen and Taliban resistance in fighting the soviets. American and British weapons and agents gave us the trouble from that part of the world.

The Soviets WERE the terrorists in that conflict!!

Britain putting Sadaam Hussein into power is a claim made in this idiotic book.Sadaam came to power in 1968 I do not think UK had too much influence by then.I am also sceptic about UK involvement in Pol Pots regime, a puppet of Maos China and a fallout of the Vietnam war(Kennedy and Macnamra take a bow).He also raises the question of collective guilt of Germany and Italy.Does he genuinely think all Italians and Germans were collectively responsible? At best simplistic at worst fascist

Does this guy actually work? Or sponge of benefits?

The Iraq War wasn't about oil. If it was, we could have just done a back-hand deal with Saddam like the French did, instead of spending billions in supporting its democratically-elected government.

yup billions spent

but somebody's made a shitload of money......who?

Course it was. You dont fight a war because its the right thing to do, you fight it so that you can have a monopoly over the occupied peoples natural resources.

fuck brian haw and his dirty shit

Brian Haw presents many interesting opinions....

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