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I'm English and I have nothing against Americans because of this media hungry idiot. The fact he uses cartoon stereotypes of english people discredits himself. Why does he use a Union Jack when he should use an English flag?

Most Americans don't know the difference between the St. George Cross flag and the Union Jack. The St. George Cross is the English flag? or am I off...

That's right. Your more clued up than Steven Grasse

The "Grasse" surname comes from Lincolnshire and Buckinghamshire but originally, way back, hails from France

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. If Britain was to pay reparations to one of it's former colonies, surely we would be obliged to repay ALL the former colonies - and that amounts to about a third of the planet.

Feel free to ask, but there will never be any reparations. Apart from anything else, we're not in the slightest bit sorry for the excesses of the British Empire.

Britain is made of up of a mixture of lots of different races. I myself, born in England, am a mixture of Irish and Welsh and Scandinavian. Did my ancestors enslave people? I dont think so. Did they kill anyone? maybe.. but if they did it was fuck all to do with me and nothing to do with anyone else alive. Go to Germany and see how people have changed since WWII. Instead of whining and blaming try and make a positive change in the world, you pathetic media hungry little worm

just to clarify my last point i think Germans are peace loving people and nothing to do with the Hitler regime..

I bet the history teacher in England did not teach their children why British stop slavery. Simple: slavery is not profitable after the market become saturated in North America plus the British dare not to enroach into America's backyard. The British people are moral my ass, everything they do is all about profit. Why, they even sell opium drugs to China supported by the British government, shameless.

Steven Grasse is a true product of the American education system.

LOL, this is a great video on the debate,lol as we have here an educated Englishman, who clearly knows what hes talking about, and Quite frankly a "dumb ass American", lol

Get a life Steven Grasse,lol you say the USA never thinks about us and yet you wrote a book on us??? i dont get it?

Christopher Lee OWNS Grasse.

Stevey refuses to admit that we did do hundreds of good things. He looks at something that doesn't relate to modern problems (such as the creation of Iraq). We didn't ask Iraq to be a dictatorship or for America to invade for the oil. America created havoc in Vietnam and then ran off home with their tales in between their legs. He can't cope with the educated comments of the British or the fact that America caused most of the problems he whines about or that The Empire was very gud for the world

Your country raped and ruled over 130 countries remorsefully and racistly illegally and criminally for financial gain and wealth, and you racist bigoted ignorant Brits cry to immigrants and British-born ethnic minorities, "GO BACK TO WHERE YOU COME FROM, THIS IS WHITE BRITAIN. (with racist slurs)" You and your indigenous-British population always will be greedy, sociopathic, psycopathic, genocidal, racist, hate-filled, contaminated, toxic, impure, leperous beasts and rabid animals in human form.

Amunication: you seem to forget that while your ancestors baked in the sun on some godforsaken lump of a desert island, we were leading the world into an age of prosperity. Australia was never really free, what with its shit economy and coming to our heels as soon as we whistled in the WWs. Australia is our refuse pile. We shoved our worst on that island to procreate and population the vermin infested deserts. Murderers, rapists, theives and mental retards are your ancestors. Don't forget that.

Steven Graase? What an asshole.

You are racist exiledDarkWolf. If you hate immigrants and ethnic-minorites so much, why did your racist country occupy, contaminate, colonize, bankrupt and remorsefully rape and rule over 130 countries you rabid animal of human leperous form?

Your country invented hatred, paedophilia,greed, rape and racism.

Now that is just stupid. You can't atribute these things to a specific country.

I also forgot to mention ethnic-cleansing, ethnic-bashing, ethnic-slurs, anything that makes indigenous and racist-Britons feel good about their imbecille, insecure and ignorant selves. Credit to Mr Grasse's book. British taxpayers are currently paying for the deconstruction and rape of Iraq oil wealth and lowering their living standards for fun and greed, all for British financial wealth and gain. Britons are also filling their cars up with dead Iraqi's blood at the fuel pumps.

Whilst I agree that some Britons are to blame for these things. You can't call all Britons racist etc, the majority of us are nice people. As for Iraq, most people in Britain opose the war there, the actions of our governmet can't also be attributed to the people. And the USA has to take most of the blame for the war in Iraq.

I love being an evil British person

Oh my god, Steven Arsehole Grasse thought he was speaking to Christopher Lee the actor *facepalm*

Its amazing how the British can not take responsiblity for their actions. You came, you saw, and you conquered. The end result is you destroyed those who you conquered.

One other thing how dare the commentator say that Britain civilized Africa, and gave Africans a language. Well, what were they doing before grunting like apes. Damn ignorant racist. The British have not changed. African tribes and kingdoms would have slowly acquired the means to defend themselves against the Arabs and the Europeans. The West could not wait, they needed free raw materials imediately!

Not really. Just fact. Its not that they didnt advace because of their race, they had advacement in different ways. But no where near enough to compare with europe.

The animation totally adds to the humor...LOLOL!

hes just trying to sell a book.....

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