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58 trillion? why not settle for 60 trillion, a rounder figure.

Doesn't matter cos you ain't getting a penny.

Rule Britannia!

Oh please. Ever notice how it's rarely people from former British colonies complaining? Just the few American people and their followers who think they know best.

ahha xD love how Steven Grasse person is oblivious to the fact that Keith Gooden is taking the piss out of him all the way through this xD

let's sue the caveman for making fire... i mean i know ppl with burns so they shud get reparations right?

Official figures show that tooth decay is the third most common reason children are admitted to the hospital. Around 37,000 cavity-filled kids are taken each year, up 13% from five years ago in the UK. In fact, the average 16-year-old Brit has teeth of a 97-year-old American. Please buy a toothbrush.

In fact, the average 16-year-old Brit has teeth of a 97-year-old American. The British need to get with the program. The British need to use basic dental hygiene. Have you heard of a toothbrush? I am glad we dumped your tea in the Boston Harbor. Drinking tea stains your teeth. Teeth are supposed to be white. not green and brown.

Oh yh what official figures and statistics? gimme a link or proof you goofy bastard.

The "Beatles" introduced a dirty hippie culture into American society. The USA is recovering from the damage that the Beatles have done.

The beatles were clean beofre they go to America you fuckin hick.

hey man,we all are not like that,I like you Brits myself

And I like you Americans but there are always a "handful" of Brits or Americans that let their country down by acting like imbeciles.

The beatles corrupted American culture.
The Beatles had already released their album glorifying psychedelic drugs, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, dedicated to known Satanist Aleister Crowley. One month after the albums release, they once again shocked the world by announcing publicly that they were taking L.S.D.

This is the worlds biggest piss take and i got to hand to these geeks for doing it!

Anyone remember "monster Raving Loonie party" surely they come back from the dead to take up in America lmao

I think crucifixion is the best thing the Romans did ever for the world but the English failed to invent something like this! You know hanging is not really a hit!

The United Kingdom has become a third world country infested with crime. You do have gang problems.

OH NO! THE MEAN BAD BEATLES TOOK DRUGS! WAH WAH WAH. Yeah it was Beatles that first brought evil to the shores of America... NOT!, Wow you are such a cry baby turd, you mock the UK because they gave the US the Beatles? of how about you look at - Making the thirteen colonies which would become the original US, inveting such things you probably use hmm I don't know maybe... ENGLISH!, or the Telephone&Television, seriously stop whinging if your gonna bitch do it in the street you fucking coward.

HAHA don't even talk about British crime when you are from the US because that is the pot calling the kettle black you fucking Hypocrite, You know something else... EVERYTHING IS AMERICA'S FAULT THEY ARE ALL EVIL CRIME COMMITING SCUM WHO AHVE DESTROYED THE WORLD WITH THEIR SUB PAR MONKEY-ARSED INTELLIGENCE, now jog on you fucking retard.

If we have gang problems, then you have a gang cancer that is killing your country and youth. Like the Crips and Bloodz, not to mention the gun crime.

The average wage is higher in Britain

America has to shell out alot of money on the lower classes

America has 50 million+ Overweight people.

America has lower literacy levels.

ritish comedy is better

American Healthcar

I don't understand why Britain should pay... It was the actions of their Ancestors that caused it, the old Britain....

Judging an entire nation by its faults in the past is just morally wrong, which is why people are taught not to judge German peoples by the action of Hitler.

If Britain had to pay this huge sum of money, then eventually other countries would demand more money money from countries that had any relevance to war in their history,

leading an enormous economic crash which will probably take centuries to recover.

This of course would include America as well, as mongolia, Europe etc... it's in the benefit of everyone to just drop any quarrels you have with any counrty so you can look to a more prosperous future

Eventually the 3rd world countries will get back on their feet and thrive until, then we have to keep helping them in ways that won't lead to more suffering.

I don't mind the British, I think it's a nice society on the whole, I do not blame the modern day British for the suffering of my ancestors, I blame the actions of the few in the past...The sooner people think before genralizing everything, then they can be considered intellectual.

I have gone through life, Never truly hating anything, or anyone i was told American's were friendly people, but i will think for a moment before judging them all by the actions of this 'Steven Grass' character

I know that i cannot (and will never) judge a British person by the actions of one, nor shall i with Americans, or any country in fact.

Xenophobia will get us nowhere and therfore I am strongly against this Steven Grass' view of all the Britsh and the price that should be paid because of it.

cultural analyst my arse.

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