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This is so funny. Its a good job us Brits don't want to charge you for actually making some of you civilised - sorry we failed in the US - but for all of you- there is "no charge", now just say "thank you" like good little people and get a life !

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. If Britain was to pay reparations to one of it's former colonies, surely we would be obliged to repay ALL the former colonies - and that amounts to about a third of the planet.

Feel free to ask, but there will never be any reparations. Apart from anything else, we're not in the slightest bit sorry for the excesses of the British Empire.

I'd like to add that there will be ill-educated Scots, Welsh&Irish that will think there blaming England, when infact, they are blaming the people of Britain, which are Scots, English, Irish&Welsh.

You may find all this funny, but, the amount of taxpayers money from Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland sent out of the UK to other countries to help in Aid and various other tasks would make us the most generous nation on Earth.

Well when all the Americans leave and hand back the states to the native americans then maybe they take a stand and tell us its pay back time.

Lmao how fucking stupid are these people?
Well i will agree with this if the Everyone around the world does the same lol
Portugal,Holland,Italy,China,F rance,Spain to name a few!
Oh and if the USA give mexico back over half of north america nack that they have stolen lol

I think America stole our 13 colonies and should be made to pay a large sum for that, or even to give them back to us.

i wonder why i knew you were Australian before i clicked your profile..hmm..

Wow that is some quality spam you got there.

hambrugers, a large order of fries and an X-L Coke to be exact....What the heck..ya'll will be frontin' the bill....hahahahahaha!

Take the joke and lighten...To hear some of the comments you'd think that there is absolutely no sense of comedy in Britain..

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