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Totally agree but i do think the British ought to be claiming something from the Romans. After all what did they ever give us lol. Come on up lol

ha ha ! lat every country ask every other country for reparations!!

yeah. i heard the Saxons were worth a few quid as well. We should speak to them too. As for the Normans well don't get me started. I think we need a campaign of persecution and i don't care if some of it happened as long as a few thousand years ago. I am still hurting man and i want my cash. that will make it all better again.

How far is too far?

What is morality?

Morality: a reason to fight?

this guy MUST have got bullied at school.

This guy is supporting the book and in the description, Grasse is criticizing him. What a twat. That guy (in the vid) isn't upper class, he's probably middle.

Hey,boy, go backin history, and look at some old films.
Choose horror films, set in england.
Most of them are about blood drinking peopel, who ride round on horses in the country.
The devil worshippers, are actually FREEMAOSNIC higher levels. The fckers who do drink the bloo dof their victims.
Even in the Old version of the OMEN, you can se hwat they are like.
Cold and harsh, and vile, and they KNOW that if there is a heaven, thye aint going.
They are the devils spawn.
Good vid, though.

The lad is right though. I went ot a psoh school (middle class) and there were MANY kids there, whos parents wanted colonial rule back.
Dont forget, we didnt OFFER the colonies back, we were forced to give them back.
But the workign class never even saw the colonies, so its the upper and middle who want it all to ocme back.
And the middle class caused thew credit crunch, by refusing to side witht he workign class, against the upper classes.

Thieves: Europeans refer to English people as "The thieves who wear (white) gloves." The name "Britain" is a fiction invented by the English as the the invader of the other countries near them (Scotland, Wales, Ireland). No such thing.

By the way, no convicts in South Australia (only Germans and dudes who BOUGHT their land) - fix that fucking map, man!

Monarchy is brainwash to keep the "lower orders" bluffed and in place: the ruling class chooses a monarch/prince from among their number, and use him or her to bluff the people that they are inferior to the better-off people, who inevitably RESEMBLE the monarch (the ruling class!). No larger country has it anymore except the English, who find it useful: their territory is small and flat, and the weather depressing. So that is the technique they use to keep themselves apart. (Instead of a Pres).

You MUST be poorly educated and earn a pathetically small wage!

1:03 lol

These people are not ripping your book, because most of the people in this video are hesitant in their speech.. they're just being polite.

"Crawl back under the rock from whence you came Flogbo."

I think you'll find, Mr Reparations, that your grammar is wrong here. It should be 'whence', not 'from whence', a common mistake made by many stupid Americans. Also, there should be a comma after 'came'.

Except we don't say whence...LOL!

Anyway, I don't understand. Why is there a problem with the Clash?

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