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If New Zealand has no native then why is the Haka still performed by the Maori's? In Canada why are there still more Native "Americans" than the US? How come the original black tribes and culture are still exisitng in Australia? I doubt you've even been to any of those places?

That man is just an idiot. He doesn't even know the history behind the things he's blaming on Britain, lol.

What a tit.

The Americans killed the natives after they claimed their freedom. There are more native peoples in Canada, NZ, and Australia than there are in the US.

ok come to the 21st century america!

9/11 - cover up!
War on Iraq - Real reason Oil

English history rocks . But they have fucked up in africa when they colony there .

but if we didnt take out the natives you wouldnt be here, cunt

Haha Ibrahim is a joke. "We make war we send military men at the enemy after treaty be signed." That guy is total retard. The USA was imperialistic as any country in the late 19th century. Steven was so lucky that he didn't have to answer the historians point about the Franco-Prussian War because that point was right on the ball. Chances are Steve had never even heard of it. Next time less people calling in and more of the proffesionals proving this ignorant fuck wrong.

Oh dear, could they not find even moderately eloquent parties to put across a contary view to Mr Grasse? Mr Carrick Adams is well informed, but his balanced view seems to be ridden over.

At what arbritary point in time is this Grasse fellow fixing as being the start of Britain's influence. I'll admit I'm no historian, but I know that cause and effect can be far apart, but with regards to legal and ethical responsibility, I think more than a few hundred years is a bit excessive.

That bloke is such a joke. He cant be serious can he?

We coincided with the native Americans. After the USA was created THEY exterminated the Native Americans. We didn't exterrminate all of those natives.

He says he wants an apology, but if we, lets say, admit that it is all our fault then surely the amount of Aid we send over to Africa and the progress we are making as a nation is MORE than any sort of apology you think you need.

fuck natives

They have more right to be there than you do mate.

A scot called ibrahim ? xD

Not really, compare our colonies with the French and Dutch ones and you'll see that actually the British colonies are fucking booming in comparison. Zimbabwe was dubbed "The bread basket of Africa" (the richest nation, BY FAR) until we gave it to Mugabe.

Doesn't change the facts: the English subjugated their neigbours, and fixed up a "Union" flag. Cold people.

and america did'nt to the same to continental ameica

... And pacific asia .... :)


You do realize that England pretty much did the same thing throughout time?

And its England's fault whites are here in the first place?


"recent research suggests that the majority of persons in all regions of the British Isles are the genetic descendants of settlers from the Iberian peninsula who arrived in the region between 7,500 and 15,000 years ago."

The English slaughtered a continent load of aborigines in Australia, to say nothing of the ones they also fried with nukes in 1952 .....

No, the British didn't Australians did it. I am Australian and I know the slaughter began with third generation people born in Australia.

Very funny! The rulers set up the monarch. See Machiavelli (The Prince), The Economist (a 1994 issue), or any proper book. It's a bluff on the average people, to blind them with a searchlight of false "emotion". The higher background of England thought of having no monarchy in the mid 19th Century, but realised it entrenched them more. It looks after their interests and noone else's. It's for the fee-paying school people and the Surrey BMW-driving businessmen.

when it all comes down to it-----england rules

some people get way to hot headed when speaking about Historical events and the truth. Yes we British were Imperialistic, Yes we owned most of the World. its happened, i was no part of it and without it, the world we live in today would be, Better? Worse? who could ever know. Move on, Accept the Past can not be changed but the future can

wait wait, I guess it's Britains problem the community around me are living great lives...Shame Britain. I guess it's our fault the US funded the Taliban with weapons and money...shame. I guess it's our fault the US created the destructive atom bomb. Their fault i have two eyes, a nose and a mouth. Shame Britain... This guy, grasse, is a retard who doens't know what he's talking about.

exactly america keeps so many nations in poverty and when a government that cares about their people comes along america calls them communists and installs dictators

Steven Grasse go fuck yourself
this guy is a fuked up dikhead who passes all americas problems to the uk

can we have american reparations for slavery, atomic bombs, those who die in africa because america gives them money only to take it back, those killed across the middle east and the many blacks who were treated like animals up to the 1960's? no of course not because not even america has the amount of money needed to pay off those reparations.

why is it that when someone stands against your lies they are ridiculed

the first guy they talk to, John i think? From "Fife" which is clearly stated, yet its labeled as "Northern Ireland" .. Fife is in Scotland, Just pointing that out.

war is good it makes boys men, empires feared and money made

What a moron. And who is blaming America for 'everything'? America are the ones funding Israel now, and have been since the war. America funded both sides of WWI and WWII. Sorry but this man sounds like a complete retard.

hmm,the yank was a bit stuck at the end,pity as I thought he had a good argument up to that point

Brits are fucked up!!
this country started ww2 and imperialism.
"we contributed to the world"
go to hell

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