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how is this a Fight over England
when the only british there are scots ?

Hang on - the guy with the Union Flag on his face has got an American accent, he says "I was brought up to be Jersey Irish", it was clearly filmed in the US. What the fuck has this video got to do with England???

More racist rubbish from someone who obviously can't control his potty mouth when he is challenged about his racist views. Putting the Union Standard on the aggressors face is nothing more than childish nonsense. This is supposed to impress us enough to buy your book? I think you might be staying a "starving artist" for some time, but at least you have someone else to blame for your failures in life. Look in the mirror and find some self pride before it's too late.

why carn't we just all work together,think about it, take on the world no bother

Used to live in London, live in Phoenix now but England/UK is just as good as America, people in Arizona admirer the UK as do the rest of the states. this person putting all this crap on YouTube..all his facts and lame crap are lies.

England is a crap state now mate, especially in london. The weather is always terrible too haha.

like any other "states" in the UK are any better. England is the true main power, Scotland and Ireland would be nowhere without England. And who gives a crap about the weather? its sunnier there than in the rest of the UK and Ireland. At least the people of Arizona respect the UK, when people like you who actually live in the UK disrespect it. you disgust me.

You obviously didnt learn much about british humour when you were in london did you? Watch bill bailey on england, that will open your eyes to our humour...

Oh and im not disrespecting the UK i wouldnt start basic training next month to serve in her forces if i hated my country now would i? Jesus mate, chill out a bit.....

of all the times i lived in london, jokes saying "england is a crap state" didn't normally make people fall to their knees, dying of laughter. nor is jokes about the weather...appearently "London" has completely different humor or something.

No the humour is pretty much the same with regards to our country where ever you go. As bill said "being English i crave disappointment" Which means yes our country is shockingly terrible compared to America and Austrailias standards of living, but we joke about it. Its hard to explain to someone who does not quite grasp the sense of humour we have, say if my house burnt down id most likey laugh about it (if no one died of course) as we have very dry humour.


it gets us through the bad times, which we have alot of lol. Thinking about it i do think some londoners do not have the same humour most of us have but thats only because they have lives which revolve around work, people like that cannot have humour about anything to be honest.

'I'm Irish TOO!' - yes, you REALLY sound irish. Dozy fucking deluded halfwit...if you're IRISH then you live in IRELAND and have an irish passport etc.

This fuckwit is a confused american cocklord.

americans wannabes, pretending to be scottish and irish.

They really are deluded.

are you people serious....first off, nobody respects the UK in the U.S. of A. Just like nobody in the world respects America. You show us no respect, we show you no respect. It is life, get over it.

Why do all you people have to fight when there's nothing to fight about? American, British, Irish, Scottish, Canadian, Australian- what does it matter? They're all soo similar anyway.

another yank pretending to be either scottish or irish its just because they like bagpipes

the english hate americans we should pull our troops out of afghanistan why should we back america when all we get back is disrespect

GOD bless AMERICA home of good teeth and women who do't smell like cabbage. Thats why you limeys criticize the real celts. We left and built the most powerful nation in human history. you slackers stayed and are losing your country to a bunch of out of work 7-11 clerks from the middle east

sure we're pussies.. go do some more smack there buddy

Probably because the only real americans are indians the rest of us came from somewhere else.

Huh?? I'm american and play the pipes just like my grandfather who fought in WWII with the QOCH.. Oh and I'm very proud of my Scottish Heritage so I hope I make you sick

The salient point is that you are an AMERICAN, you are NOT Scottish in any way shape or form. Playing the pipes makes you no more Scottish, than playing a Spanish guitar would make me Spanish!! Get your own culture&stop clinging onto British culture. The simple fact of the matter is that you are AMERICAN. You probably don't have an igloo about British ie English/Scots/Welsh and dependng on your view point- Northern Irish way of life or culture.

although america should respect the UK as we are helping you in afghanistan and iraq. but youre a moron and wont see it that way. fuck yourself rent boy

plastic paddy

The internet. Bringing people together.

So what occurred ? Couldn't hear most of it . Someone gatecrash an american IRA fundraiser ?

America....Stolen Country. Get your Nigger PRESIDENT Home ASAP. England Is for the English. If you dont like it Fuck Off back To your Ghetto's and think ..Where can I go now?

YOU speak true words mate. legend


dude.. this aint a stolen country we fucking owned the british now go shove a tea cup up ur ass

you do you're country so proud with that comment.

The idea is errr errr.I have a better idea reparations now for Vietnam,Laos and Cambodia. A war caused by Kennedy and Macnamara.I wonder if the Vietnamese are brought up to hate the Yanks especially Irish Americans

Are these Americans that think there Irsh cus there great great great grandmothers came from there?
They are the type of Americans that go home to "the mother land"on holiday, and the Irish say..."welcome home brother...." then charge them double for rooms and board.
And did the guy say "i was brought up to hate the English"???
hmmm enlightened people(not)

LOL its so funny how he puts lucky charms all over the place...

youtube connecting people

btw villa shut the hell up ur from the land of the teacup shoved in ur butt

what are these chumps on about, british and irish? theyre both american .... sad twats

This video really should have been called "Yanks arguing". And the idiot there who goes "I was brought up to hate the English" - what a tool.

hate the fucking english .......american prick

knob ends

C'mon people I am Scottish and like being British too. These americans are fucking brain washed !!

That is fuckign pathetic I am Scottish and Scottish people dont hate the ewnglish to kick them out of places we welcome the English in are pubs clubs etc my sisters bf is fucking english and my family loved him. jesus christ that was a pathetic video !!

Do you think as an Englishmen i can get some cash of off Norway, Italy and France and all the other nations that invaded my country and enslaved my ancestors.
Do you think.
I find it quite strange that America is still clinging on to the colonial roots. when you should now start sticking to you own history. If not give up your independance and start being told what to do by fat overpaid un-elected prick thats pissing me off. YOu knowe who you Gordan. LET THE GHURKAS LIVE IN ENGLAND

hahaha...that one douchebag is wearing a dress...

Its just propaganda. Its this governments poliicy as that of the EU, to cause as much mayhem has possible, so that when they take over our Island, we will be happy to have European soldiers and police telling us what to do in order to order, if you know what I mean .

American red neck pricks.Grow up FFS.

IIdeologys like the SNP will destory unifcation. Prats.

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